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Islamic State Attacks on Taliban in Jalalabad
Sep 19, 2021

The Life of Abu Omar al-Khalayfawi: Military Amir for Islamic State's Wilayat al-Fallujah
Sep 16, 2021

Statement from Hurras al-Din leader Abu Himam al-Shami
Sep 16, 2021

New statement by Omar Omsen's family
Sep 15, 2021

The Taliban of Today vs. The Taliban of Yesterday: Article in Taliban's al-Sumud Magazine
Sep 14, 2021

From Hezbollah in Syria to Fighting in Libya: Interview
Sep 13, 2021

The F├╝hrer's Face: Nazi Photo-Propaganda Book
Sep 7, 2021

The Cycle of Escalation and De-Escalation in Deraa: Analysis
Sep 6, 2021

The Village of Bakh'a: Interview
Sep 5, 2021

Islamic State Editorial on Kabul Suicide Bombing
Sep 3, 2021

Al-Qa'ida Statement on Taliban Victory in Afghanistan
Aug 31, 2021

Announcement: Moving to the Paid Subscription Model
Aug 30, 2021

Iraqi Intelligence Study on Ethnic Minorities in Baghdad (1984)
Aug 30, 2021

Islamic State Claims Kabul Suicide Bombing
Aug 26, 2021

Medieval Christian Depictions of Islam: Adelphus' Life of Muhammad
Aug 21, 2021

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