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Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi in the Media

Title Publication Date
Experts: U.S. must have OKd transfer of missiles seen in Syria rebel videos McClatchy April 22, 2014
Analysts: Ransom helps militant group in Syria pay for 4-front war McClatchy April 21, 2014
Why the U.S. government is 'trolling' jihadists on social media CNN April 18, 2014
Can We Trust the Western Media's Coverage of Syria? Harvard Kennedy School: Shorenstein Center April 16, 2014
Good media, bad politics? New media and the Syrian civil war Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism April 15, 2014
Al Qaida rebels strike Syrian town seeking access to Iraq, oil McClatchy April 10, 2014
Jihadists are embarking on 'Final Solution' in Middle East Catholic Herald April 10, 2014
Assad Confident As Rebels Continue Latakia Offensive Syria Deeply April 8, 2014
Atheists are now the terrorists in Saudi Arabia. You couldn't make it up Left Foot Forward April 4, 2014
How One Jihadi In Syria Became A Twitter Sensation Buzzfeed April 1, 2014
Rebels Push into Latakia, in a Symbolic and Strategic Offensive Syria Deeply March 27, 2014
Rebels Reassure Christians After Capturing Key Syrian Border Town TIME Magazine March 27, 2014
Tempered hope in renewed Latakia offensive NOW Lebanon March 27, 2014
Behind the Lines: Israel-Syria border escalation The Jerusalem Post March 21, 2014
With Iraq on the Brink, a New Sunni Insurgency Emerges PJ Media March 21, 2014
Al-Qaeda Building its Network in Lebanon: Washington Post Al-Manar (Hezbollah: Lebanon) March 20, 2014
At Start of Newroz, Syrian Kurdish Forces in Stalemate Against Islamists Rudaw March 20, 2014
Fears for Lebanon's stability as al-Qaeda builds networks The Washington Post March 19, 2014
Syrian army, Hezbollah storm Yabroud The Daily Star (Lebanon) March 15, 2014
In Syrian province, Islamist militant group flexing its muscle Los Angeles Times March 14, 2014
Al Qaeda splinter group in Syria leaves two provinces: activists Reuters March 14, 2014
ISIS suicide attacks target Syrian Kurdish capital Al-Monitor March 13, 2014
Blurring the Borders of Conflict: ISIS between Syria and Iraq Moshe Dayan Center (Tel Aviv University) March 10, 2014
Sigh of relief after ISIL retreat Al-Jazeera English March 9, 2014
Syria's Christians The Loopcast March 5, 2014
Al-Tamimi: ISIS Claiming Control in Yarmouk 'Publicity Stunt' Syria Direct March 5, 2014
ISIS joins other rebels to thwart Syria regime push near Lebanon McClatchy March 4, 2014
Islamist Group Leaves Northern Syria The Media Line March 3, 2014
The End of Jihadi Rule? Vocativ March 3, 2014
Iraq's Resurgent Insurgency, Interview With Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi Musings on Iraq March 3, 2014
Some Foreign Fighters Are Fleeing Syria — But Where Do They Go Next? Buzzfeed February 28, 2014
Al-Qaeda Rebels in Syria Tell Christians to Pay Up or Die TIME Magazine February 28, 2014
Militant Islamist group in Syria orders Christians to pay tax for their protection The Daily Telegraph February 28, 2014
Bin Laden's Death Not An End: A Guide To Al-Qaeda's Resurgence Al-Ahram (Cairo) February 27, 2014
It's Not You, It's Me: Key Questions on the al-Qaeda-ISIS Breakup Georgetown Security Studies Review February 25, 2014
Five top Gitmo parolees who returned to terror USA Today February 25, 2014
ISIS and damage limitation in the battle for Syria The Frontline Club (London) February 19, 2014
Is Al-Qaeda Aiding Bashar Al Assad? The Daily Beast February 18, 2014
Eye on the Battle: In Deir Ezzor, Nusra Maintains Upper Hand over ISIS Syria Deeply February 17, 2014
BBC World Have Your Say: Syria BBC World Service February 14, 2014
Al-Tamimi: ISIS Strategy "To Gain One Stronghold At A Time" Syria Direct February 12, 2014
Eye on the Battle: Air Attacks on Aleppo Escalate During Peace Talks Syria Deeply February 12, 2014
BBC World Have Your Say: Syria (Radio Appearance) BBC World Service February 12, 2014
Al-Tamimi: ISIS is in a 'Post al-Qaeda' Moment Syria Direct February 11, 2014
Syrian Kurds courting Turkmens Al-Monitor February 6, 2014
Al-Qaeda disavows any ties with radical Islamist ISIS group in Syria, Iraq The Washington Post February 3, 2014
Key al-Qaida militant reportedly killed in Syria Associated Press (AP) January 27, 2014
The Rise of Shami Witness Business Insider January 20, 2014
Syrian Kurds aim to benefit from Islamist infighting Al-Monitor January 16, 2014
Away from spotlight of Syria aid conference, a murkier fund drive Christian Science Monitor January 15, 2014
Western diplomats said to seek Syrian help against al-Qaeda militants The Washington Post January 15, 2014
Assad fails to break Syrian stalemate despite rebel infighting The Financial Times January 15, 2014
Al Qaida's ISIS takes 2 Syrian cities, executes scores of rivals McClatchy January 13, 2014
Syria Rebels Turn Against Most Radical Group Tied to Al Qaeda The New York Times January 12, 2014
Syrian Rebel Conflict Raises The Fortunes Of One Al Qaeda-Linked Group Huffington Post January 10, 2014
West may not be winner in battle of 'good al-Qa'ida' vs. 'bad al-Qa'ida' McClatchy January 10, 2014
Executed Prisoners Discovered at Al Qaeda Base The New York Times January 8, 2014
Rebel-on-Rebel Violence Spreading in Syria Voice of America January 8, 2014
Stretched thin, Syrian extremists are pressured The Washington Post January 8, 2014
Syria's rebels challenge fearsome extremist group The Financial Times January 7, 2014
Released From Captivity, Prisoners Praised God and Cursed Al Qaeda The New York Times January 6, 2014
Syria's Revolutionaries Are Fighting Back Against Foreign Jihadists VICE January 6, 2014
Syrian opposition fractures The Jerusalem Post January 5, 2014
Rebels battle al-Qaeda-affiliated fighters across northern Syria The Washington Post January 5, 2014
Al-Qaida group says responsible for Beirut bombing Associated Press (AP) January 4, 2014
Al-Qaeda group in Syria claims Beirut bombing Times of Israel January 4, 2014
Syria rebel coalition demands al Qaida affiliate answer for doctor's death McClatchy January 3, 2014
Foreign fighters answer calls to join Syrian conflict The Los Angeles Times January 2, 2014
Amnesty International Documents Abuses at ISIS Detention Centers in Syria The Media Line December 19, 2013
Syrian Rebels Deny Weapons Stores Seized by Islamist Groups Rudaw December 15, 2013
Speaker sheds light on Syrian conflict The Exchange (Franklin Pierce University) December 12, 2013
State of the Battle: ISIS Detonates Suicide Car Bombs in Qamishli Syria Deeply December 12, 2013
New rebel merger off to modest start NOW Lebanon November 29, 2013
Jihadi groups 'devour' Syria's revolutionary children The Christian Science Monitor November 21, 2013
Officials deny funds from Kuwait flow to Syria The Daily Star (Lebanon) November 20, 2013
Turkey reevaluating its approach towards radical Syrian groups The Atlantic Post November 13, 2013
Iraq keeps eye on Kurd-jihadist battle in Syria AFP (Agence France-Presse) November 11, 2013
Turkey and its neighbours: A reset? The Economist November 9, 2013
Iraqi Kurdistan more vulnerable to Al-Qaeda attacks Al-Monitor November 7, 2013
In Show of Supremacy, Syria al-Qaida Branch Torches Church Syria Deeply October 30, 2013
Al-Qaeda's corridor through Syria The Hindu (Chennai, India) October 25, 2013
Why Suicide Bombs Became ISIS's New Military Tactic Syria Deeply October 23, 2013
Taken by storm NOW Lebanon October 21, 2013
Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of Al-Qaeda, urges jihadist forces fighting the Assad regime in Syria to unite in a common struggle to establish an Islamic Caliphate. The Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center (Israel) October 16, 2013
Syria is 'just the beginning' for al-Qaeda Al-Alam (Iran) October 16, 2013
Jihadists flooding into northern Syria put Turkey on edge Fox News October 15, 2013
Syrian Arab Village Welcomes Kurdish Fighters Al-Monitor October 13, 2013
Rival al-Qaeda-linked groups fortifying in Syria with mix of pragmatism and militancy The Washington Post October 13, 2013
You Can Still See Their Blood Human Rights Watch October 11, 2013
More Syria rebel groups leave U.S.-backed command amid worry 'moderates' will be shut out McClatchy October 11, 2013
AQI's "Soldiers' Harvest" Campaign Institute for the Study of War October 9, 2013
The Islamic State of Disobedience: al-Baghdadi Triumphant Jihadica October 5, 2013
Erbil's Attack Has Al Qaida Fingerprints ORSAM (Turkish think-tank) October 4, 2013
Al-Qaeda and the Attack in Erbil Rudaw October 2, 2013
Al Qaida fighters resume attack on U.S.-backed rebels in northern Syria McClatchy October 2, 2013
Scepticism greets toothless resolution on Syria's weapons Gulf Times September 29, 2013
The Fragmented Forces Behind Assad The Jerusalem Post September 27, 2013
A fresh fissure NOW Lebanon September 23, 2013
Cease-fire called in Syria between Islamic group, U.S.-backed rebels McClatchy September 21, 2013
Syrian rebels' 'big tent' strategy collapsing Al-Jazeera (America) September 20, 2013
FSA squares off against al-Qaeda NOW Lebanon September 20, 2013
Happy Ending: Jihadist Freed from Gitmo Killed Trying to Ethnically Cleanse Syria Frontpage Mag September 19, 2013
Islamists' rise in Syria undercuts Kerry's claim they play minor role McClatchy September 19, 2013
Syrian Civil War Fighters Include Ex-Guantanamo Detainees, Video Shows Reason.com September 18, 2013
The Al-Nusra Front The Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center (Israel) September 17, 2013
Al-Qaeda leader calls for attacks to 'bleed' US economically Al-Jazeera (America) September 14, 2013
Syria rebels face another foe: al-Qaeda linked militants Los Angeles Times September 12, 2013
How Assad Wooed the American Right, and Won the Syria Propaganda War Foreign Policy September 10, 2013
Making Sense of the Syrian Rebels' Order of Battle Foreign Policy September 6, 2013
Meanwhile, Al Qaeda Distributes Back-To-School Materials In Syria Business Insider September 4, 2013
US-led Syria strikes loom: 'murky' claims to war NDTV (New Delhi Television, India) August 29, 2013
Lebanon Unlikely to Become Another Iraq The Daily Star (Lebanon) August 27, 2013
The Middle East made simple...or maybe not Financial Times August 26, 2013
Syrian refugees flood Iraqi border The Globe and Mail (Canada) August 19, 2013
Presence of al Qaida-linked groups in northern Syria complicates rebellion McClatchy August 19, 2013
Al-Qaeda faction in Syria hands out Teletubbies and Spiderman dolls The Washington Post August 13, 2013
Barzani Calls Assyrian Massacre Victims 'Kurds' Assyrian International News Agency August 12, 2013
Turkey's Syrian Kurdish Gamble: A Double Edged Sword Al-Monitor August 11, 2013
Kurdish Civilians Fear Reprisals in Northern Syria Al-Monitor August 6, 2013
Al-Qaeda Shows Its True Colors in Syria Institute for the Study of War August 1, 2013
Iraq Attacks 'Disturbing,' Britain Says United Press International (UPI) July 24, 2013
Iraq jailbreak highlights al-Qaeda affiliate's ascendancy The Washington Post July 22, 2013
Analysis: War Within Wars in Syria The Jerusalem Post July 18, 2013
Syrian Kurds Clash with Islamists, Prepare for Autonomy Israel National News July 17, 2013
Clashes Re-Erupt in Syria Between Al-Qaeda, Kurds Al-Monitor July 16, 2013
We have no beef with Israel, Syrian rebel group says The Times of Israel July 1, 2013
American who allegedly fought with al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria indicted Fox News June 20, 2013
Watching Syria's War: Suicide Bomb Shakes Aleppo New York Times June 20, 2013
Interview: Russian Arms to Syria Arise News- TV May 28, 2013
Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in Mosul, Wounds Advisor on Christian Affairs Assyrian International News Agency May 10, 2013
The Aftermath of Hawija BBC World Service April 29, 2013
Protests in Iraq Post-Hawija Radio France Internationale April 27, 2013
Iraq's Christian Leaders Warn of Dire Consequences Assyrian International News Agency April 9, 2013
Syrian Soldiers Killed During Ambush in Iraq The Jewish Policy Center March 7, 2013
How do we help the Syrian people? Vonvo.com February 25, 2013
BBC World Have Your Say- Does Intervention Work? BBC February 25, 2013
Intervention in Syria Vonvo.com February 23, 2013
Are Palestinians More Divided Than Ever? BBC World Service: Have Your Say November 22, 2012
Christians' fears about Syrian opposition will be hard to reconcile The Guardian November 13, 2012
Syria crisis: Aleppo battle looms The Guardian July 26, 2012
In Iraq la sfida della riscostruzione non è stata ancora vinta L'Occidentale July 7, 2012
What's Happening in Iraq After the U.S. Withdrawal? PJ Media June 22, 2012
Annan: Not too late for diplomatic solution in Syria The Jerusalem Post April 12, 2012
Why are Political Cartoons Incendiary? The New York Times November 18, 2011
Democracy in Iraqi Kurdistan The Propagandist July 5, 2011



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