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The Life of Abu Qasura Kanakari of Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed
Aug 12, 2017

Suqur al-Furat: A Pro-Assad Sha'itat Tribal Militia
Aug 10, 2017

Jihad Wins in Idlib
Aug 10, 2017

Syria: Assessing the CIA Program
Aug 7, 2017

The Archivist: The Islamic State's Security Apparatus Structure in the Provinces
Aug 2, 2017

Documents of the al-Qasimiya Court in West Aleppo Countryside: Translation and Analysis
Aug 1, 2017

Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki Splits from Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham
Jul 20, 2017

The Myth of ISIS's Strategic Brilliance
Jul 20, 2017

Islamic State Treatise: Ruling of Shari'a on the Shi'a Sects
Jul 18, 2017

"I am your brigade, oh Ruqayya"- New Nasheed for Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya
Jul 16, 2017

After the Caliphate: Interview with Omar Fawaz
Jul 8, 2017

Israel's Relations with the Syrian Rebels: An Assessment
Jul 3, 2017

The History of the Rapid Intervention Regiment: Interview with a Commander
Jun 28, 2017

Fawj Ra'ad al-Mahdi: East Aleppo Militia Expansion
Jun 18, 2017

Katibat Dir' al-Watan Nasheed: Translation and Analysis
Jun 17, 2017

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