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The Islamic State One Year After The Caliphate Declaration
Jul 1, 2015

Islamic State Training Camp Textbook: Part II
Jun 30, 2015

Islamic State Training Camp Textbook: Excerpt and Analysis
Jun 29, 2015

"Our Shari'a"- Nasheed from Islamic State's Ajnad Media
Jun 29, 2015

Islamic State Training Camps and Military Divisions
Jun 24, 2015

The Massacre of Druze Villagers in Qalb Lawza, Idlib Province
Jun 15, 2015

Jamaat Ansar al-Islam: Fighting in North Aleppo Countryside: Translation and Analysis
Jun 3, 2015

New Salafi Jihadi Group in Gaza: The Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade
Jun 2, 2015

Enemy of my enemy: Re-evaluating the Islamic State's Relationship with the Ba'athist JRTN
Jun 2015

"We have the Swords"- Nasheed from Islamic State's Ajnad Media
May 2, 2015

Interview with the leader of Harakat al-Nujaba: Translation and Analysis
Apr 28, 2015

Muqawama Suriya Statement: Loss of Jisr al-Shughur: Translation and Analysis
Apr 26, 2015

Jamaat Ansar al-Islam: Eulogy to Abu Ahmad of Mosul: Translation and Analysis
Apr 15, 2015

Is ISIS Islamic, and Other "Foolish" Debates
Apr 3, 2015

Review: ISIS: The State of Terror
Mar 27, 2015

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