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"We will move forth to excellence"- New Nasheed from Islamic State's Ajnad Media
Aug 31, 2015

The Archivist: Critical Analysis of the Islamic State's Health Department
Aug 27, 2015

The Archivist: 26 Unseen Islamic State Administrative Documents: Overview, Translation & Analysis
Aug 24, 2015

"This Path and These Banners"- Nasheed from the Islamic State
Aug 23, 2015

Assessing U.S. and Coalition Strategy for Syria and the Islamic State
Aug 12, 2015

Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya: Recruiting the Shi'a of Damascus
Aug 12, 2015

"We have risen, we have risen"- New Nasheed from the Islamic State
Aug 11, 2015

Archive of Jabhat al-Nusra Service Documents
Aug 10, 2015

The New Druze Militia Factions of Suwayda Province
Aug 8, 2015

The Evolution in Islamic State Administration: The Documentary Evidence
Aug 5, 2015

Quwat al-Ridha: Syrian Hezbollah
Jul 31, 2015

"Declare that you are resistance"- New Nasheed from the Muqawama Suriya
Jul 28, 2015

The Reemergence of Jaysh Muhammad in Bilad al-Sham
Jul 27, 2015

Islamic State Training Camp Textbook: "Course in Monotheism"- Complete Text, Translation and Analysis
Jul 26, 2015

The Coastal Shield Brigade: A New Pro-Assad Militia
Jul 23, 2015

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