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Hallili Samar al-Hirab: New Nasheed from the Islamic State
Nov 28, 2015

The Paris Attacks Reflect Intelligence Failure -- Not a Change in ISIS Strategy
Nov 20, 2015

Has Assad's New Offensive Changed Syria's Front Lines?
Nov 11, 2015

The Archivist: 'Go Forth, Lightly and Heavily Armed': New Mobilization Calls By the Islamic State in Aleppo Province
Oct 30, 2015

"Be with God"- New Nasheed from the Islamic State
Oct 29, 2015

This is our Aqeeda and This is our Manhaj: Islam 101 according to the Islamic State
Oct 27, 2015

Rijal al-Karama after Sheikh Abu Fahad Waheed al-Bal'ous' Assassination
Oct 26, 2015

Jund al-Aqsa withdraws from Jaysh al-Fatah
Oct 24, 2015

Unseen Islamic State Treatise on Calendars: Full Text, Translation & Analysis
Oct 17, 2015

Talking to the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade
Oct 13, 2015

Condemning Russian Intervention: Rebel Unity?
Oct 12, 2015

The Archivist: Unseen Documents from the Islamic State's Diwan al-Rikaz
Oct 12, 2015

Additional Notes on the Druze of Jabal al-Summaq
Oct 6, 2015

The Archivist: Unseen Islamic State Financial Accounts for Deir az-Zor Province
Oct 5, 2015

Druze Clues
Oct 5, 2015

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