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Naqshbandi Army Statement- 22 October: Translation

October 24, 2014 at 11:44 am

Statement by Jaysh Rijal al-Tariqa al-Naqshbandia [JRTN] official spokesman denying what was put out in a statement by a new unknown front. 22 October 2014.

Oh dignified people of Iraq,
Oh sons of our Arab Islamic Ummah,

A statement was put out on Internet sites towards the end of Dhu Hijjah 1435 AH, corresponding to 18 Tishreen al-Awal [October] 2014 put out in the name of a new unknown front, and in this regard we affirm the following:

1. We resolutely deny our joining this front.

2. Whoever wants to know about the army [JRTN]'s official statements and declarations, let him go to the official electronic site of our army on the Internet at http://www.alnakshabandia.net/army.

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Jabhat Ansar al-Din: Analysis and Interview

October 23, 2014  •  Syria Comment

Logo of Jabhat Ansar al-Din

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The White Shroud: A Syrian Resistance Movement to the Islamic State

October 22, 2014  •  Syria Comment

Logo of "The White Shroud"

I have previously written on Sunni groups created within Iraq to fight against the Islamic State [IS], but what about in Syria? Some attention has been devoted to the group "Al-Kafn Al-Abyad" (The White Shroud), but on social media I have seen some controversy as to the nature of The White Shroud. For example, people ask: is it Jabhat al-Nusra, or 'FSA'?

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Jamaat Ansar al-Sunna

October 22, 2014  •  Iraq Insurgent Profiles (aymennjawad.org)

Logo of Jamaat Ansar al-Sunna

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The Men of the al-Qadisiya Army: A Made-Up Social Media Insurgent Group

October 21, 2014  •  Iraq Insurgent Profiles (aymennjawad.org)

Logo of the Men of the al-Qadisiya Army

On this site and elsewhere, I have profiled numerous Iraqi Sunni insurgent brands through use of social media. At the same time, it should go without saying that one has to be careful when using material from social media as a source of information: problems we encounter as analysts of the insurgency include groups appropriating credit from others for certain operations, claimed operations that never happened, and even groups that do not actually exist. I examined a case of the last of the aforementioned problems in the spring of this year with a purported 'Jaysh Mustafa'- a brand dating back to the Iraq War- claiming allegiance to what was then ISIS. However, a quick examination showed that the photos used were simply taken from other factions like Jaysh al-Mujahideen. Besides this, ISIS sources showed no awareness of a Jaysh Mustafa, and one denounced it as simply a made-up Ba'athist online entity.

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