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The 'Martyrs' of Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya (The Ja'afari Force)

May 29, 2016  •  Syria Comment

Current emblem of Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya. Top: "If God supports you, no one can overcome you" [Qur'an 3:160]. Centre: "The Ja'afari Force: Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya." Bottom: "The Islamic Resistance in Syria."

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Yarmouk Valley: The Formation of Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed?

May 24, 2016 at 3:47 pm

The ongoing fighting in the Yarmouk Valley in southwest Deraa on the border with the Golan Heights between Liwa Shuhada' al-Yarmouk (LSY) and Harakat al-Muthanna al-Islamiya (HMI) on one side versus southern FSA factions and the southern Jaysh al-Fatah on the other is more or less at a stalemate. While the latter have succeeded in reversing the gains of LSY and HMI, pushing deeper into the Yarmouk Valley has proven more difficult but life has become increasingly difficult for Yarmouk Valley residents with rebel bombardment and price hikes through siege conditions. Until now, there has also been the question of why LSY and HMI have not formally united. A statement declaring a merger of HMI under LSY last month turned out to be fake. I myself have speculated that this may be because HMI has wanted to preserve an identity independent of LSY, which is clearly linked to the Islamic State (IS) and has undoubtedly tried to pull HMI into its orbit.

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The Local Defence Forces: Regime Auxiliary Forces in Aleppo

May 23, 2016  •  Syria Comment

Emblem of the Local Defence Forces. On top: "Homeland, Honour, Sincerity." Below: "Syrian Arabic Republic. The army and armed forces- Local Defence Forces."

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The Leopards of Homs: A Pro-Assad Militia

May 15, 2016  •  Syria Comment

Emblem of The Leopards of Homs. The Arabic reads: "Fuhud Homs: Fawj al-Maham al-Khasa" (The Leopards of Homs: Special Operations Regiment). See older emblems of the militia here.

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The Jihadi Threat on Israel's Northern Border

May 15, 2016  •  Middle East Review of International Affairs

This article seeks to explore the dynamics surrounding the various Sunni jihadi groups in the south of Syria near the border with the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, examining whether they pose a significant and imminent threat to Israel's security. It is based on a presentation given by the author at a Rubin Center for Research in International Affairs symposium, "Israel in a Changed Middle East," in honor of the late Prof. Barry Rubin in February 2016.

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