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The Islamic State's Diwan al-Rikaz in Mosul

July 6, 2015 at 9:15 pm

As I have shown from prior documentary evidence, the Islamic State's Diwan al-Rikaz is a department of bureaucracy concerned with 'precious resources' primarily of two types: fossil fuels and antiquities. For instance, the Diwan al-Rikaz deals with crude oil purchase receipts, the leasing of gasoline stations, distributions of gas fuel for locals and permission slips for the excavation of (non-idolatrous) artifacts, which are then usually sold off on the black market. Below is Mosul-based Omar Fawaz's account of the Diwan al-Rikaz. Perhaps the most important observation to draw here is the Islamic State's co-optation of existing factories and production facilities for a variety of products (not just oil and gas, but also e.g. soft drinks, cement and plastic) under the Diwan al-Rikaz, likely on the same pattern as the Diwan al-Khidamat's co-optation of services offices whereby employees are compelled to return to work under threat of confiscation of homes. Indeed, the production of ice in factories (mentioned below) has been advertised elsewhere in official Islamic State propaganda, without mention of the Diwan al-Rikaz.

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Islamic State Training Camp Textbook: Course in Fiqh [Islamic Jurisprudence]

July 6, 2015 at 2:05 pm

In previous posts I provided translated excerpts from one of the four main Islamic State training camp textbooks (in this case, the absolute prerequisite recruits must learn and master: 'Course in Tawheed'). I will post the remaining lessons from that textbook translated in due course. Meanwhile, here are the two opening sections from the second of the four main textbooks: Muqarrar fi al-Fiqh (Course in Fiqh [Islamic Jurisprudence]).

Course in Fiqh for the Training Camps
Al-Eftaa wa al-Buhuth Committee

Before embarking on matters of fiqh one must get to know concepts that will facilitate the learner's understanding of these matters and their rulings:

Section One

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The Islamic State's Services Department in Mosul and Ninawa Province

July 3, 2015 at 1:35 am


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The Islamic State One Year After The Caliphate Declaration

July 1, 2015  •  Huffington Post

As we pass the one-year anniversary since the announcement of ISIS's so-called "caliphate" demanding the allegiance of the world's Muslims and ultimately sovereignty over the entire world, much of the commentary has been far too ephemeral. The media has had a tendency to take whatever comes out immediately in the news -- such as the attack today in Sinai claimed by ISIS and its threat to Hamas in Gaza -- as indicative of long-term trends.

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Islamic State Training Camp Textbook: Part II

June 30, 2015 at 11:00 pm

Following on from my post featuring the first lesson of the required reading Muqarrar fi al-Tawhid textbook for all Islamic State training camp recruits, below is my translation of the second lesson from that book.

The three principles

Which every Muslim and Muslim woman must learn.

Knowledge vs. ignorance: definitively realizing what something is.
Principles: plural of principle, and as a word: the foundation and basis of something.

As a technical term: that on which something else is based.

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