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Jabhat al-Nusra and the Druze of Idlib Province

January 24, 2015  •  Syria Comment

While most analysis of the Druze in Syria focuses on their positions in Suwayda province- where they constitute the majority of the population- as well as Jabal al-Sheikh in Damascus/Quneitra provinces, it should be remembered that there is also a Druze community in the Jabal al-Samaq area of Idlib province, more widely known as Jabal al-Zawiya. This community consists of numerous villages, whose names can be found here. Unlike their co-religionists in the south, these Druze have no capacity for the formation of self-defence militias analogous to the banners of 'Jaysh al-Muwahhideen' ('Army of the Unitarians/Monotheists') or 'Forces of Abu Ibrahim' (named after Druze figure Abu Ibrahim Ismail al-Tamimi). The Druze in Jabal al-Samaq are therefore dependent for preservation on the good-will of whichever external actors are present in their areas.

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"Qālū 'innha wa'ad"- Jihadi Nasheed

January 23, 2015 at 9:00 pm

A popular jihadi nasheed also used by more mainstream Syrian rebels. Preliminary translation:

They said it was a promise: We are the league of the lion.
And our march left them in defeat, withdrawing forever.
Then they made their call. It had already been finished. Indeed it had been ordained.
For our response rendered them not only stunned but also defeated. [chorus]

Indeed we are the soldiers who burn disgrace with fire,
Your fraudulence has truly vanished in the winds of victory.

We will demolish your throne, we will destroy your dominion.
So depart forever. Indeed we see an abode for malice.

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Aspects of Islamic State (IS) Administration in Ninawa Province: Part III

January 23, 2015  •  Iraq Insurgent Profiles (aymennjawad.org)

Parts I and II of this series looked at the system of education and other public services implemented by IS in Ninawa province. What then of religious life and public morality under Shari'a?

Diwan al-Hisba

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Aspects of Islamic State (IS) Administration in Ninawa Province: Part II

January 20, 2015  •  Iraq Insurgent Profiles (aymennjawad.org)

Part I of this in-depth examination of IS administration in Ninawa province touched on the realm of education, as one can find a large number of IS documents on that matter. This part looks primarily at service aspects of IS governance in Ninawa province.

Diwan al-Khidamat

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Aspects of Islamic State (IS) Administration in Ninawa Province: Part I

January 17, 2015  •  Iraq Insurgent Profiles (aymennjawad.org)

A key aspect of IS' self-presentation is its claim to be an actual state (dawla), and not a mere group or organization (jamaat/tanẓim). As part of this presentation, the dawla sets up supposed state administration departments to regulate life in areas under its control. Ninawa province, which remains completely out of Baghdad government control, presents an ample range of purported aspects of IS governance. This series consists of a selection of translated IS documents from Ninawa province that have publicly emerged, accompanied by analysis where appropriate. Part I will examine the extensive field of education.

Education (Diwan al-Ta'aleem)

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